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Backstage Weekly 84 - Kubernetes suggested fixes, Nomad plugin, CFP open

By Jorge LainfiestaJune 21st, 2023

Hi y’all! I just spent some days in beautiful Austria and came back to harvest and serve you the freshest fruits of the season:

  • Kubernetes errors? Get Backstage to suggest fixes!
  • Hashicorp Nomad plugin is here
  • Backstage Users Unconference - see you tomorrow!
  • BackstageCon - submit a talk!

Kubernetes plugin now with proposed fixes

Detecting errors in Kubernetes resources is essential, but why stop there? Thanks to mclarke47, the Kubernetes plugin now offers proposed fixes to the errors it encounters through a “HELP” prompt.


The prompt contains a more extensive diagnosis of the issue and suggests common fixes:


This new feature will be shipped to the Kubernetes plugin as part of the Backstage 1.15 release, which will land shortly! Check out the PR for more context.

Whitepaper: Self-hosted vs Managed Backstage. Discover the pros and cons of each option for adopting Backstage. Access to the whitepaper now!

Tomorrow: Backstage Users Unconference

I’m beyond hyped to see you all tomorrow! Bring your topics and colleagues to share ideas with other Backstage adopters. If you haven’t signed up, there’s still a chance to do it!


New plugin: Nomad

The second most requested plugin for Backstage is now a reality! Thanks to jjti, you can now bring information from the popular Hashicorp scheduler/orchestrator Nomad to your Internal Developer Portal. 244251766-fb28a9b1-e488-4994-9def-4078dd0da71b

By annotating your entities with the Job ID, you’ll be able to see the latest versions on the Entity page. You can also get a handy Allocations table if you specify a annotation for your entity:


The plugin comes with ACL support given the nature of the API it relies on. You’ll have to work with a token that at least supports list-jobs.

This new plugin will be shipped as part of Backstage 1.15, scheduled to be released shortly. In the mean time, check out the detailed PR for more context.

BackstageCon: CFP is open!

Get those keyboards cracking! The CFP for BackstageCon is now open, and will be open until August 6th! cfp

Topics can include technical deep dives, best practices, lessons learned, and how you’ve used Backstage in your organization. Submit a talk now!

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