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Backstage Weekly 62 - New LF course, Scaffolder resources

By Jorge LainfiestaNovember 7th, 2022

Hi y’all! this week, I highlight the new Linux Foundation course and resources for writing scaffolder templates. Bonus: there’s a new GroupListPicker UI element in Backstage.

Introduction to Backstage: Developer Portals Made Easy (LFS142x)

Backstage keeps growing in popularity and maturity backed by industry leaders. The Linux Foundation, is now launching a Backstage course for people looking to assess how the framework can address their needs. The course is available for free on edX, with a paid certified track option. Check it out or share it with your friends!

Introduction to Backstage course: Free Enrollment

Using managed Backstage lets you focus on building value for your team instead of learning internals and upgrading your instance. Get a Roadie Backstage demo

New docs: Scaffolder inputs explained

A recurring topic regarding the Scaffolder revolves around how to define fields and conditional steps in software templates. Thanks to gabriel-dantas98, there’s now a section in Backtage’s docs dedicated to exploring inputs options. Check it out!

Scaffolder docs screenshot

Another great resource for Scaffolder tips is the Roadie ‘Writing scaffolder templates’ guide, which is applicable to most Backstage users. What I find most handy on Roadie’s docs is that they dissect the options available for ui field formatting.

Scaffolder guide screenshot

New UI element: GroupListPicker

Thanks to djamaile, you’ll have a new component to use in your instance’s UI: a group list picker. This feature will be available with the release of @backstage/plugin-org-react. Learn more in the PR. Group picker screenshot

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