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Backstage Weekly 45 - gRPC improvements

By David TuiteJune 20th, 2022

Backstage keeps evolving to support a wider array of teams. This week, we’ve seen two exciting new features for those using gRPC—the modern open source high performance Remote Procedure Call framework—: support for API Docs and a live playground. Before we get there, let me celebrate how fast Backstage is growing!

A surge in public adopters

Over the past two weeks, we’ve been thrilled to see 10+ teams joining the public adopters list.

Welcome Okay, Procter & Gamble, SANS Institute, OVHCloud, Twilio, Doctolib, Meltwater, LendingKart, SafetyCulture, and!

If you haven’t, add yourself to the adopters list!

Backstage 1.3.0 was released last week, are you still figuring out how to upgrade your instance? Switch to Roadie and never worry about upgrades again, book a demo now!

New API Docs feature: support for gRPC/protobuf

kissmikijr, from the Roadie team, implemented the support to render gRPC/protobuf API specs generated by protoc-gen-doc. Learn more about the implementation in the feature’s PR. Screenshot: rRCP docs

New plugin: gRPC playground

Thanks to fr0stf0x, you can now try out gRPG APIs within your Backstage instance. The plugin is open source and available in Backstage’s marketplace. For more details and installation steps, check out [the project’s README](

Screenshot: gRPC

That’s it for this week folks!

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