Backstage Travis CI Plugin

See builds in Backstage

Getting started is simple

Install the plugin in your Backstage instance

yarn add @roadiehq/backstage-plugin-travis-ci

Add the plugin to the list of plugins

// packages/app/src/plugins.ts
export { plugin as TravisCI } from '@roadiehq/backstage-plugin-travis-ci';

Add the API to your Backstage instance

// packages/app/src/api.ts
import { TravisCIApi, travisCIApiRef } from '@roadiehq/backstage-plugin-travis-ci';

// ...

builder.add(travisCIApiRef, new TravisCIApi());

How it looks

Things to know

To use the Travis CI Backstage plugin, first visit Travis CI to get an API token.

There are two versions of Travis CI: and Tokens from .com do not work for .org and vice versa, so make sure you are on the right Travis website.

Tokens can be copied from the settings page in Travis CI. Use the menu in the top right of the page to navigate to Settings. Click Settings again, under your name this time, and you should see API authentication.


Copy the token to your clipboard.

Next, open the settings dialog in the Travis CI Backstage plugin by clicking the Settings button in the top right of the plugin.


Select the version of Travis CI that you use, .com or .org, paste the API token into the Token input, then set the owner and repo of the project you wish to view builds for. For example, spotify/backstage has the name backstage and owner spotify.

Hit Save Credentials and your builds should load.


Each build can be retried via the column on the right hand side.

Backstage without the headaches