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Backstage Apache Airflow Plugin

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Created by Spotify

Available on Roadie

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Installation steps

Install the plugin

yarn add @backstage/plugin-apache-airflow

Import it into your Backstage application

// packages/app/src/App.tsx
import { ApacheAirflowPage } from '@backstage/plugin-apache-airflow';

Add the plugin page as a route

// packages/app/src/App.tsx
    <Route path="/settings" element={<UserSettingsPage />} />
+    <Route path="/apache-airflow" element={<ApacheAirflowPage />} />

Or, if you want, embed the DAGs into an existing page

import { ApacheAirflowDagTable } from '@backstage/plugin-apache-airflow';

export function SomeEntityPage(): JSX.Element {
return (
    <Grid item md={6} xs={12}>

Add proxy configuration

# app-config.yaml
      target: https://your.airflow.instance.com/api/v1
          Authorization: Basic ${APACHE_AIRFLOW_BASIC_AUTH_TOKEN}

Get and provide a APACHE_AIRFLOW_BASIC_AUTH_TOKEN as an environment variable. Where the basic authorization token is the base64 encoding of the username and password of your instance.

echo -n "airflow:airflow" | base64 -w0

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