Test/Preview TechRadar locally, exclude files from entity validation, React 17

This week we’ve released features to make it easier for you to do more with Backstage. You can now test and preview the structure of your TechRadar using locally hosted content, exclude files from entity validation, and use React 17 in your plugins.

Feature: Test and preview your Tech Radar

Roadie’s TechRadar plugin now allows you to construct Radars using locally hosted content. This feature is useful for finding the right structure for your Tech Radar. Learn more in the Tech Radar documentation.

Enhancement: Exclude files from entity validation by our Github App

Roadie’s Github App checks your PRs to help keep clean and entity YAML files across your codebase. We’ve added a configuration option for you to exclude entity files that you don’t want to us to keep in check. Read the documentation here.

Upgrade: React 17

We have updated React version to v17. This resolves various issues we were seeing as a result of outdated v16 used before.

Fix: Save button when editing props on a widget

The main save button on the menu bar did not always save the props when an admin was editing props on a widget. Now, the save button works correctly.