Tech Insights: Draft Scorecards, event-driven GitHub fact retriever, regex set matches; Bitbucket Server support

If you’re a Tech Insights customer, you can now create draft Scorecards and Checks, use a webhooks-based GitHub fact retriever for your Checks, and create facts from regex set matches. Additionally, you can now integrate Roadie with Bitbucket server.

Save Drafts on Tech Insights

When working on Scorecards, you may want to tune them before sharing them with the rest of the organization. You can now save any Data Source, Check, or Scorecard as a draft, which means the resources you create will only be visible to admins and yourself, but not the rest of the users.

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 14.51.47

To get started with drafts on Tech Insights, go to Add Scorecard and click “Save as draft” at the bottom of the page.

Event-driven GitHub Fact Retriever

Now GitHub facts are refreshed automatically through webhooks instead of the polling mechanism it used to rely on. This means your facts will be refreshed instantly whenever something changes on GitHub.

You get this feature automatically if you’re already using the built-in GitHub Data Source. To get started with GitHub in Tech Insights, check out our guide to built-in Data Sources.

Regex set matches for Facts creation

Previously, the Regex Fact operator would only return the last matched group. We have now added support for regex set matches in the very same operator, so you can extract multiple groups within the string you’re testing.

Better support for Bitbucket server

We’ve improved the support for customers using Bitbucket integrations in the Catalog by offering better configuration options, including autodiscovery.