Sandbox pages, revamped Locations Log, Backstage 1.7 update

You can now try out pages in sandbox mode and debug your Catalog more easily through our renewed Locations Log. You’re also running on the latest Backstage version, 1.7.

Roadie exclusive: Preview pages in Sandbox mode

As you work on configuring a page, you don’t always want it to be visible for everybody. Using the sandbox mode, you can now set up pages at your own pace and only made them available when they’re ready. You can find sandbox pages under Administration > Sandbox. Learn more in our docs.

Screenshot: Sandbox pages in Admin page

Improved Locations Log

Locations are used to keep track of references of the entities registered in the Catalog. Roadie offers a proprietary panel that helps you manage them through a UI. We’ve improved the Location management experience by improving the interface and incorporating recent features from the Open Source APIs. Lean how you can manage locations in our docs.

Screenshot: new Locations Log UI

You’re running on Backstage 1.7

Every Roadie customer is using Backstage 1.7, released last week. The upgrade doesn’t affect end users, it consists mainly of Catalog improvements that Roadie contributed and migrations for libraries used internally in the framework, like jest and react-router.