Performance improvements, Roadie at KubeCon NA

This week, our engineers have managed to shave up to 38% off the total loading time on the Catalog list page, we continue our efforts on this front. Roadie will be at BackstageCon and KubeCon in Detroit, and we’d love to meet you there. Let us know if you’re going (and if you need a BackstageCon ticket)!

Performance improvements and upcoming work

Every Roadie instance behaves differently and may show different loading times, depending on the Catalog size and configured integrations. Our focus this week has been on removing duplicated API requests and ordering the API calls better. Our improvements are already deployed to your instances so you should be able to see a difference already vs. last week.

The most significant factor introducing an extended loading time is the lack of support for pagination in the Catalog API. We’re working with the Backstage maintainers to make this a reality in the near future. In the meantime, our improvements have managed to shave off up to 38% of the total loading time by cutting down half of the API calls we make.

Following the same approach with API calls, we have also reduced the docs list page significantly. Most pages are affected by the API optimization and should report improvements in their loading time.

We continue to investigate performance. We’ll be working on more optimizations.

Roadie at KubeCon NA + free passes to BackstageCon

Our team will be at BackstageCon and KubeCon in Detroit. If you’re attending, we’d love to meet up with you! Please let us know in the slack channel to make sure we connect over there.

Roadie will have a sponsor table at BackstageCon on Monday 24th, where our staff will deliver two talks. We’ll also have a booth at KubeCon, next to the CNCF Projects Pavillion.

We have two BackstageCon tickets that we’ll to give away to our clients on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you already have a KubeCon ticket and want to attend BackstageCon, let us know and we’ll give you a coupon code for a complimentary BackstageCon pass.