New scaffolder action, upgraded Iframe plugin

You can now use json:merge in your software templates and set up entity-specific content in the Iframe plugin.

New actions: json:merge

When defining a software template for the Scaffolder, you may find your self having to add options to a configuration file in a JSON format. In those cases, the json:merge action lets you merge an object into another. For example if you want to add a command to it your package.json, you’d do it as below:

- id: add-command
  name: Add command to package json
  action: json:merge
    path: package.json
        lsltr: "ls -ltr"

You can already start using json:merge in your templates without having to enable anything.

Iframe plugin v2

The v1 of the Iframe plugin was great for the homepage but it would display the same content for all entity pages. With this upgrade, you can specify entity-specific attributes that will be used to generate the iframe. Check out the guide to set entities Iframes up.