New entity decoration: Automatic contributors, improved Scorecard data retrieval. Attending KubeCon EU? Let’s catch up there!

You can now have Roadie automatically annotate entities with the teams contributing to them on GitHub. We’ve improved the performance of Scorecards. And, let us know if you’re attending KubeCon EU next week: we’d love to catch up with you in person!

New automatic annotation: GitHub Contributors

You can now let Roadie connect your entities with the groups contributing to them in GitHub. The new annotation will look into your GitHub instance to find which teams are contributing to its codebase. Then, it’ll match them to the groups onboarded to Roadie and will link both the entity and the group through a new relationship: “contributors.”


To get started with this new automatic annotation, enable the feature under Admin > Settings > Catalog:


Improved Scorecards performance

We’ve made improvements across the entire stack so that Scorecards retrieve only the most relevant data. For you, this means a better UX, given that Roadie won’t be loading additional resources if they’re not needed.

Attending KubeCon EU? Meet us there!

Our very own Jorge Lainfiesta will be giving a talk on Friday about Backstage and investing in Open Source. He’ll be around the conference on Thursday and Friday and would like to meet any of you attending.