Multiple tech radars, header theming & iframes

This week we have 3 significant user facing improvements.

Multiple tech radar support

We heard from a couple of customers that they need multiple tech radars because they have independent hardware and software divisions or different orgs with different needs.

You can now add multiple instances of the Tech Radar plugin to the sidebar in Roadie Backstage, and configure them independently. Each configuration now takes an ID, which can then be associated with an instance of the plugin.

The docs have been updated with more in-depth instructions.

Header bar theming

You can now set the main header inside Roadie Backstage to an arbitrary color. Perhaps to match a specific brand your company has.

It’s easy to do, just paste a hex color code into the input on the Theme Customization settings page.

Here’s a blinding organge look… 😀


Generic iframe embed component

We’ve added a widget which can be used to render content into a generic iframe. In the screenshot below, I’m using it to embed an Introduction to Backstage video on the Home page. You might use it to display charts, data or whatever else you need.

Introduction to Backstage video via iframe

It required a few simple properties to set up. The docs are here.

The next improvement we make to this will allow the source URL to be configurable on a per component basis, rather than per component type, which is how it works now. This should make it more useful on the component pages, where you want to display different information for each component.