New Harness plugin, GitHub teams auto-sync; Tech Insights: mandatory values operator

You can now start using the Harness plugin in your instance. Additionally, you won’t have to manually unregister teams and users when using GitHub to source these entities: Roadie now does it automatically.

For Tech Insights customers, you’ll now be able to create Checks that fail unless a set of values is set in the property. Also, we shipped a handful of bug fixes and UX improvements.

New plugin: Harness

If you use Harness, you can now connect your services to Roadie and view details about their executions. harness-exec-history

To get started using the Harness plugin, check out our guide.

Groups synchronized when deleted from GitHub

If you’re using GitHub as a source for your teams, you may have noticed that they would continue to live in Roadie after they were deleted from GitHub. We now track these kinds of deletions from GitHub and reflect them in Roadie.

Tech Insights: Contains mandatory values operator

You now have a new operator available: Contains All. This means that all values in the rule should be present in the set of values that you’re assesing. This operator if useful when, for example, you want to check that an AWS resource entity contain all label keys [owning-team, environment, some-cost-tagging-label].