Curate collections of entities, auth in the Scaffolder, Backstage 1.6

You can now create collections of entities for yourself or to share them with others in your org, you can now register the identity of the user running a software template. You’re now running on Backstage 1.6, but this has no practical effects for you because Roadie takes care of the internal changes for you.

Entities collections through Playlists

In every devs day-to-day work, there’s a handful of websites, APIs, and services that you interact with more often, so it might make sense to group them together for easier access. Or, you may want to curate a subset of entities for your new hires. With the Playlists plugin, you can create collections of entities for yourself or share them with others.

To enable the Playlist plugin, go to Administration > Settings > Playlist

Screenshot: playlists plugin

Register user identity in Scaffolder templates

You can now register the user’s identity in any software template. In your software template, you’ll be able to access user.ref as described in the following example:

- id: log-name
      name: Log Message
      action: debug:log
        message: 'Hello, ${{ user.ref }} ${{ }} !'

You’re running on Backstage 1.6

We have upgraded all our tenants to Backstage 1.6. Most of the changes in this version are related to internal changes, such as updates in React libraries or Yarn support in the framework. Therefore, you’re not going to be affected by this change.