Backstage 1.5, become a Tech Insights design partner

You’ve been upgraded to Backstage 1.5. We keep making progress in Tech Insights and are taking on design partners, check out our new article and reach out to David or Orla if interested.

You’re running on Backstage 1.5

You’re using the latest stable release from the framework, which is mainly about requesting feedback on the refactoring of internal APIs surrounding Backstage’s backend and plugins. Roadie customers are not affected by these internal API changes because our team takes care of adopting the new practices for you.

More progress on Tech Insights

David, Roadie’s CEO, wrote an article outlining the reasons we’re building Tech Insights - Roadie’s first major proprietary feature on top of Backstage. We’re currently taking on design partners who will help us guide this work. Reach out to David or Orla if you’d like to take part.

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