Backstage 1.10, synced entities when repos are deleted from GitHub, expandable PR descriptions

You’re now using Backstage 1.10, which brings new Scaffolder features. You’ll also notice that your entities get deleted if you delete a repo from GitHub. Additionally, thanks to an OSS contribution, you’ll now be able to view GitHub PR descriptions in the entity widget.

Upgrade to Backstage 1.10

Your instance has been upgraded to Backstage 1.10, which involved upgrading 100+ packages and ensuring everything kept working smoothly, including the 47 plugins offered by Roadie. A few deprecations were introduced, but you don’t have to worry about internal APIs, so everything will keep working as usual.

With this upgrade, you’ll get a new Scaffolder action that lets you create Sentry projects as part of your software templates. Additionally, the upgrade comes with enhanced documentation for the installed Scaffolder actions, as they now can explain how to use them through examples.

Entities are deleted when GitHub repos are

Before, if you deleted a repository tracked in Roadie through a YAML file, the entity would keep floating around your Catalog even though the source no longer existed. We have fixed this consistency issue by implementing webhooks support for repository deletion events. That means that GitHub will let us know when a repository is deleted, and Roadie can unregister its associated entity from the Catalog.

No action is required to get this feature, your entities should stay in better sync now.

GitHub PR descriptions in expandable rows

Thanks to kuangp, who contributed this feature to Roadie’s OSS plugin, you can now visualize a PR’s description by clicking an expand arrow. Check out any entity you have set up with the GitHub PRs widget on, and you’ll see it’s already working in your instance. Screenshot: expandable pull request descriptions