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Backstage Weekly 50 - New Backstage Users Unconference, active page in TechDocs

By Jorge LainfiestaAugust 1st, 2022

Hi, y’all! In this week’s newsletter, we announce the new Backstage Users Unconference, highlight a UX improvement, and take a sneak peek into the new Scaffolder Wizard.

New Backstage Unconference: September 7th!

We had a blast at the last Unconference, with 95 attendees split into smaller groups across eight topics, chosen by the community. We’re co-hosting a new, fresh, Unconference with Frontside— right after everyone’s back from summer.

Sign up for the best Unconference yet, featuring prizes like KubeCon NA 2022 Virtual passes and swag!

Backstage Users Unconference: September 7th

All Roadie’s customers are now running on the latest Backstage 1.4 version. Get automatic updates with no downtime by using Backstage through Roadie. Try Roadie Backstage for free!

Highlights in the active page for TechDocs’ navigation

Thanks to Crevil, you’ll now see an active state for the page you’re reading as well as its parents. Expect this UX improvement in the next Backstage release! Screenshot: TechDocs navigation with active highlights

Spoiler: a new Scaffolder Wizard

benjdlambert, who we met recently in Stockholm, merged the initial work on a new Scaffolder Wizard. The PR in question contained the early stages of the new Wizard. We’re excited to see what’s coming!

Screenshot: Scaffolder wizard

Before saying good bye, I want to welcome ImmobiliareLabs to the community as the most recent adopter!

Talk to you next week!

Jorge L

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