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Backstage Weekly 77 - Scaffolder Confluence to MKDocs, Adoption tips

By Jorge LainfiestaApril 3rd, 2023

Hi y’all! I’m excited to present this week in Backstage:

  • How do you make 100% of your developers use your Developer Portal? Get insights from two Backstage adopters who’ve managed to do it.
  • New in the Scaffolder: convert Confluence pages to Markdown to accelerate TechDocs adoption.
  • Platform People: an in-person video podcast where I interview DX/Platform people wherever I go.

Adoption insights on video

Each team uses different ways to empower their developers using Backstage. In this CNCF-hosted discussion, you’ll see two approaches that have succeeded at wide-spreading the popularity of the Internal Developer Portal.

For instance, Kasper Nissen—CNCF Ambassador and Lead Platform Architect at Lunar Bank—explains how Lunar developers can only create GitHub repos through the Scaffolder. On the other hand, Michael Pang—Product Manager at Relativity—is luring Relativity’s 400+ developers into Backstage by providing them a Scaffolder action that reduces the go-to-production time from 5 weeks to a day. cncf-webinar

Watch the discussion on CNCF’s YouTube!

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Scaffolder action: convert Confluence to Markdown

Talking about driving adoption, how about making it easier for teams to move their existing Confluence docs to TechDocs? Tracey Radcliffe, from Expedia Group, is bringing a game-changing workflow to Backstage with a new action that can take a Confluence page and turn it into a Mardown file.

With the new action, you can set up a Scaffolder template that lets the user specify Confluence pages and push the converted Markdown into a repository tracking TechDocs.

Screenshot: component creation

The new action, confluence:transform:markdown, will be available in the next release, Backstage 1.13, scheduled for March 14th. For more information and context, check out Tracey’s PR.

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