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Backstage Weekly 70 - New GraphQL Voyager plugin, Azure DevOps multi-project

By Jorge LainfiestaFebruary 6th, 2023

Hi y’all! This week I’m presenting you the oven-fresh GraphQL Voyager plugin and support for multi-project discovery in Azure DevOps through a wildcard. Coincidentally, both of these contributions come from the Netherlands 🧡!

New plugin: GraphQL Voyager

MitchWijt is debuting as a Backstage contributor with a new plugin to visualize your entire GraphQL Schema right in your Internal Developer Portal. The plugin gives you a dedicated page for exploring your graph, with tabs for multiple API URLs.


To get started with this plugin, check out the README. Bedankt Mitchel!

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Azure DevOps: simplified multi-project discovery

When using Azure DevOps to discover entities in your organization, you had to manually specify in which project the provider was to look for YAML files. It’s not a big deal in the beginning, but if your repos are organized within a multitude of projects, it can become a boring chore. Thanks to MarcBruins, you can now use wildcards to tell Backstage to look for all repos across all projects in Azure DevOps.

carbon (5)

You’ll be able to start using this feature in the upcoming 1.11.0 Backstage release. For more information and context, check out the PR.

BONUS: A guide to customizing your Backstage instance

From easy and quick to deep and high-effort, the folks at Frontside share how they help teams make the most out of Backstage when building out their Internal Developer Portals. In the article, Taras shares the seven steps ladder to Backstage customization, check it out!


Also, I want to welcome the new adopters from January 2023: MusicTribe, OVO Energy, XP Inc., and Swissquote Bank!

Talk to you next week!

Jorge L

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