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Backstage Weekly 57 - Backstage 1.6, entities playlists, Azure resources

By Jorge LainfiestaSeptember 26th, 2022

Hi y’all! The new version of Backstage is out and brings exciting new features and a security fix in the Scaffolder. You can now create collections of entities with the Playlist plugin. There’s also a new Azure plugin and an interesting case study about SoundCloud’s adoption journey.

Create entity collections with Playlist

kuangp contributed a plugin that lets you create collections of entities known as ‘playlists’. You can create personal playlists, and also share collections that other users can subscribe to. Check out the video demo and get started by installing @backstage/plugin-playlist.

Screenshot: playlists plugin

Using managed Backstage lets you focus on building value for your team instead of learning internals and upgrading your instance. Try out Roadie Backstage for free.

Thanks to the Vipps team, you can connect Azure to your Catalog and get a list of resources linked to your entities. To get started, install both the frontend and backend for the plugin and add the annotations to the applicable entities. Check out the plugin’s README.

Screenshot: Azure resources

From internal solution to Backstage

SoundCloud had developed an in-house developer portal, but decided to switch to Backstage in order to provide more capabilities that empower their engineering team and speeds up their software delivery. Read about their journey and the lessons learned.

Screenshot: SoundCloud Backstage

Talk to you next week!

Jorge L

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