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Backstage Weekly 47 - Backstage in VSCode, search highlights, advanced filtering

By Jorge LainfiestaJuly 4th, 2022

Hi y’all! This week’s newsletter highlights the new Backstage Support VSCode extension and brings spoilers of what Backstage 1.4 has in store for us: highlighting in the search page and advanced filters for orphan entities or with errors.

Built-in manifest snippets and support in VSCode

Intility released a VSCode extension that supports Backstage manifests and includes snippets for common Catalog kinds. It’s available in the Visual Studio Marketplace—and it’s really handy—install it now!

Screenshot: VSCode extension Backstage support

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Highlights in the search results page

awanlin championed a UX improvement in the search page that highlights the terms related to your keyword. Exciting! This feature will be released as part of Backstage 1.4, in the mean time check out the PR and keep an eye on the pre-releases if you need it earlier.

Screenshot: highlights in search page

Filter orphan entities or entities with errors

Another hit merged by awanlin last week is an advanced filter in the Catalog page that let’s you find orphan entities or entities with an error. This feature will be released soon but you can check out the PR if you want to learn more.

Screenshot: advanced filter for orphan entities or entities with errors

Before wrapping up, I want to welcome Coamo, the latest adopter!


Jorge L

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