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Backstage Weekly 40 - The Backstage Unconference returns

By David TuiteFebruary 8th, 2022

Back in November of last year, 190 people registered for the first ever Backstage Users Unconference, which we hosted in collaboration with Frontside.

On the night, we discussed everything from maintaining Backstage to adopting it and using it. Representatives from GoCardless, Wayfair and many other organizations showed up to share their experiences.

The time has come to do it again! The next event will happen on the 3rd of March. It’s free to join. Participants will propose topics on the day and we will split into groups for open discussion and knowledge sharing. Register here.


Backstage Bites

We published a series of short (2 mins) videos about Backstage this week. 8 episodes have been released so far, covering everything from the software catalog to TechDocs.

Check out the series on Roadie: Backstage Bites. Expect videos on the scaffolder soon.

10 reasons to get Backstage from Roadie

If you’ve ever wondered about the advantages of using Roadie to get Backstage, look no further. We’ve published a new blog post covering the top 10 reasons to try us out.

Merged Recently

Progress towards an OAuth scaffolder

Backstage core team member Ben Lambert has almost finished a chunk of work which aims to allow the scaffolder authenticate via OAuth rather than via a backend token or GitHub app.

With this new mechanism, the scaffolder would naturally have the same permissions as the user operating it. If they couldn’t create a repo in a particular place, then they couldn’t accidentally use the scaffolder to bypass that permission.

The latest work is in #9168 and the longer term vision is described in #5124.

Thats all for this week folks. Get upgrading!

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