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Backstage Weekly 39 - New Year, New Roadmap

By David TuiteJanuary 17th, 2022

It’s the time of the year for hopeful resolutions, and Backstage is no different in this regard. The official roadmap has been updated to make the short term priorities clear.

Top of the list are the following three things:

  1. Publish Backstage Core 1.0. The Core includes the Catalog, the Scaffolder and TechDocs. As part of the 1.0 milestone, we should see changes to the release cadence and support model.
  2. Perform a Backstage Security Audit. Backstage will be audited by third-party companies so that potential vulnerabilities can be highlighted.
  3. Move to Incubation in the CNCF. You can read and follow the full proposal here.

Exciting times ahead for the project!

Merged recently

GoCD plugin

GoCD is a free and open source CI/CD server. Júlio Zynger from Soundcloud added a CI/CD plugin for it in #8622.

A list of builds with trigger and status displayed

Mobile sidebar

Most Backstage usage happens on large screen sizes but there are times you might want to log in on a mobile phone. Philip Hugenroth from Spotify has contributed a new mobile sidebar which slides up from the bottom of the page. There are more cool demos in #6905.

the Backstage mobile sidebar appearing and disappearing - sliding up from the bottom of the screen

Improvements to the Homepage

The homepage is a place which displays customized information to the currently logged in user. Emma Indal has added two new components for it in #8434 - A company logo and Toolkit.

a page in Backstage with a Backstage logo, search bar and some empty components below

Roadie news

New engineers

Two new engineers joined us in January 2022. They will form part of our new open-source team and will drive upstream contribution and plugin improvements this year.

  • Miklós was part of the Backstage build-out at Prezi. Once he saw how powerful the tool was he decided he wanted to be involved in shaping its future.
  • Eoghan was previously a Senior Software Engineer at Hubspot where he worked on the Hubspot Academy.

New customers

NCSA and Hopper have chosen Roadie as their official Backstage provider. Welcome to the team!

Roadie referencable customers in Jan 2021

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