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Backstage Tech Radar Plugin

Visualize the your company's official guidelines of different areas of software development.

Created by Spotify

Available on Roadie

Install the plugin into Backstage.

yarn add @backstage/plugin-tech-radar

Modify your app to include the plugin component exported from the tech radar, for example

// packages/app/src/App.tsx
import { TechRadarPage } from '@backstage/plugin-tech-radar';

const routes = (
    {/* ...other routes */}
      element={<TechRadarPage width={1500} height={800} />}

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How it looks

A screenshot of the Tech Radar plugin.

Things to know

How do I load in my own data?

To pass own data to plugin use a getData prop which expects a Promise<TechRadarLoaderResponse> signature.

For example:

const getData = () =>
    quadrants: [{ id: 'infrastructure', name: 'Infrastructure' }],
    rings: [{ id: 'use', name: 'USE', color: '#91c49d' }],
    entries: [
        moved: 0,
        ring: 'use',
        url: '#',
        key: 'firebase-function',
        id: 'firebase-function',
        title: 'FireBase Function',
        quadrant: 'infrastructure',

<TechRadarComponent width={1500} height={900} getData={getData} />;

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