Backstage Security Insights Plugin

See Security Insights for your components in Backstage

Getting started is simple

Install the plugin into Backstage.

yarn add @roadiehq/backstage-plugin-security-insights

Import it into your Backstage application.

// packages/app/src/plugins.ts
export { plugin as SecurityInsights } from '@roadiehq/backstage-plugin-security-insights';

Add plugin API to your Backstage instance.

// packages/app/src/components/catalog/EntityPage.tsx
import { Router as SecurityInsightsRouter } from '@roadiehq/backstage-plugin-security-insights';

const ServiceEntityPage = ({ entity }: { entity: Entity }) => (
      title="Security Insights"
      element={<SecurityInsightsRouter entity={entity} />}

Run the backstage app with the following command and navigate to the services tab.

yarn start

Widgets setup.

You must install this plugin by following the steps above to add the widget to your Overview.

Add widget to your Overview tab.

// packages/app/src/components/catalog/EntityPage.tsx
import {
  isPluginApplicableToEntity as isSecurityInsightsAvailable,
} from '@roadiehq/backstage-plugin-security-insights';

// ...

const OverviewContent = ({ entity }: { entity: Entity }) => (
  <Grid container spacing={3} alignItems="stretch">
    {isSecurityInsightsAvailable(entity) && (
        <Grid item md={6}>
          <SecurityInsightsWidget entity={entity} />

How it looks

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