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Backstage Google Cloud Build Plugin

Build, test, and deploy on Google serverless CI/CD platform.

Created by Trivago

Install the plugin into Backstage.

yarn add @backstage/plugin-cloudbuild

Add plugin to the list of plugins.

// packages/app/src/plugins.ts
export { plugin as Cloudbuild } from '@backstage/plugin-cloudbuild';

Add plugin API to your Backstage instance.

// packages/app/src/components/catalog/EntityPage.tsx
import {
  Router as CloudbuildRouter,
  isPluginApplicableToEntity as isCloudbuildAvailable,
} from '@backstage/plugin-cloudbuild';

const CICDSwitcher = ({ entity }: { entity: Entity }) => {
  switch (true) {
  case isCloudbuildAvailable(entity):
    return <CloudbuildRouter entity={entity} />;

Add annotation to your component-info.yaml file.

  annotations: [your-project-slug]

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How it looks

A screenshot of the Google Cloud Build plugin.

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