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Backstage GitHub Pull Requests Plugin

See Pull Requests for your service in Backstage

Created by Roadie

Available on Roadie
Pull requests for Backstage rendered inside a Backstage plugin.
The statistics widget is alongside, showing the average time to merge a PR.

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Installation steps

Install the plugin into Backstage.

// packages/app
'yarn add @roadiehq/backstage-plugin-github-pull-requests'

Add plugin API to your Backstage instance.

// packages/app/src/components/catalog/EntityPage.tsx
import { EntityGithubPullRequestsContent } from '@roadiehq/backstage-plugin-github-pull-requests';

// ...

const serviceEntityPage = (
    <EntityLayout.Route path="/pull-requests" title="Pull Requests">
      <EntityGithubPullRequestsContent />

Run the backstage app with the following command and navigate to the services tab.

yarn start

Add widget to your Overview tab.

// packages/app/src/components/catalog/EntityPage.tsx
import { EntityGithubPullRequestsOverviewCard } from '@roadiehq/backstage-plugin-github-pull-requests';

  // ...
  const overviewContent = (
    <Grid container spacing={3}>
      <Grid item md={6}>
        <EntityGithubPullRequestsOverviewCard />

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Things to know

Plugin Configuration Requirements

This plugin relies on the GitHub Authentication Provider for its access to GitHub.

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