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View a summary of your component's Bitrise builds right in Backstage.

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Bitrise in Backstage

Installation steps

Install the front-end plugin.

cd packages/app
yarn add @backstage/plugin-bitrise

Add a new Bitrise tab to the entity page.

// packages/app/src/components/catalog/EntityPage.tsx
import { EntityBitriseContent } from '@backstage/plugin-bitrise';

const websiteEntityPage = (
    <EntityLayout.Route path="/bitrise" title="Bitrise">
      <EntityBitriseContent />

Connect Backstage to the Bitrise API.

# app-config.yaml
    target: ''
    allowedMethods: ['GET']
      Authorization: ${BITRISE_AUTH_TOKEN}

Add an annotation to the component's catalog-info.yaml to link it to a Bitrise app.

# catalog-info.yml
  annotations: 'backstage-sample-react-native-app'

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Things to know

Bitrise is a CI/CD tool that focuses primarily on building and deploying mobile apps. Once a Backstage component is linked to a Bitrise app via the component’s catalog-info.yaml, a summary of Bitrise builds are visible on the component’s page in Backstage.

Bitrise tab in Backstage

Not only can you see a summary of your builds, but you can also:

  • view builds for each of your Bitrise workflows if you have multiple workflows defined for your app
  • link to the build in Bitrise
  • link to the commit in the underlying source control system (ex. GitHub) that triggered the build
  • download artifacts produced by the build right from Backstage

Similar to other Backstage plugins, the Bitrise tab can be added to multiple entity types on the entity page.

Connecting to the Bitrise API

The plugin connects to the Bitrise API using a personal token. The token can be generated from your Bitrise profile:

Create Bitrise personal token

See Authenticating with the Bitrise API for more information.

Once you have generated a personal access token, the token can be defined in an environment variable and referenced from app-config.yaml.

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