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Discover and display API entities for your components in Backstage

Created by SDA-SE

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A screenshot of the API Docs. It is showing a available endpoints for a sample component.

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Installation steps

This plugin is already added when using npx @backstage/create-app so you can usually skip these steps. However, if you are not using create-app you can follow the steps below.

yarn add @backstage/plugin-api-docs

Add the ApiExplorerPage extension to the app:

// In packages/app/src/App.tsx
import { ApiExplorerPage } from '@backstage/plugin-api-docs';
<Route path="/api-docs" element={<ApiExplorerPage />} />;

Add one of the provided widgets to the EntityPage:

// packages/app/src/components/catalog/EntityPage.tsx

import {
} from '@backstage/plugin-api-docs';

const apiPage = (
    <EntityLayout.Route path="/" title="Overview">
      <Grid container spacing={3}>
        <Grid item md={6}>
          <EntityAboutCard />
        <Grid container item md={12}>
          <Grid item md={6}>
            <EntityProvidingComponentsCard />
          <Grid item md={6}>
            <EntityConsumingComponentsCard />
    <EntityLayout.Route path="/definition" title="Definition">
      <Grid container spacing={3}>
        <Grid item xs={12}>
          <EntityApiDefinitionCard />

// ...

export const entityPage = (
    // ...
    <EntitySwitch.Case if={isKind('api')} children={apiPage} />
    // ...

There are other components to discover in ./src/components that are also added by the default app.

Found a mistake? Update these instructions.

Things to know

API formats supported right now:

  • AsyncAPI
  • GraphQL
  • OpenAPI 2 & 3

All other formats are displayed as plain text right now, but it could be easily extended.

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