Backstage Docker Image

Roadie maintains a public Backstage docker image for the community to use. You can find it on Docker Hub. It will quickly give you a sense of what Backstage is and how you might use it.


  1. Docker installed and running locally on your computer.
  2. A GitHub Personal Access Token with the repo, user, read:org and read:discussion scopes.


Run the following command, replacing [TOKEN] with your token. Once it starts up, Backstage will automatically open your browser on localhost:7000.

docker run -p 7000:7000 --env GITHUB_TOKEN=[TOKEN] roadiehq/community-backstage-image:latest


Backstage must be heavily customized before you can use it inside your organization. This requires editing the Backstage source code — something you cannot do with this community Backstage docker image.

To learn how to customize Backstage, check out the official getting started guide.

Want to get started even faster?

Check out Roadie's no-code SaaS Backstage platform.