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The easiest and fastest way to set up Spotify's Backstage developer portal and service catalog in your org.

Improving engineering effectiveness at top companies

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Turn tribal knowledge into shared context

Make docs, architecture diagrams and runbooks an integral part of your engineering workflow.

Built on Backstage

Backstage is the developer portal and service catalog which has enabled engineering hypergrowth at Spotify since 2016. It can improve developer effectiveness, reduce downtime, and enable your teams to ship high-quality code quickly. Learn more in our Ultimate Guide to Spotify Backstage.

Scaffold new services

The Backstage scaffolder allows engineers to create new services from pre-defined templates. Increasing velocity and production consistency.

Bring order with the software catalog

The searchable catalog makes engineering tools discoverable and reduces context switching.

Write technical docs that get read

TechDocs brings markdown technical documentation into Backstage, organises it by service, and makes it searchable.

Cut onboarding time with discoverability

Backstage centralizes the information that new engineers need to get up to speed quickly. Meaning they onboard in weeks rather than months.

Rapid growth stretches knowledge

Rapid growth means new engineers are joining and existing engineers are changing teams. Backstage ensures they become effective quickly, and stay that way.

Information at your fingertips

Backstage centralises the service catalog and makes API specs, docs and tooling easy to access in one place, simplifying engineering tasks.

Proven results

Spotify saw "time to 10ᵗʰ commit" drop by 55% in the two years after deploying Backstage internally. All while onboarding hundreds of engineers each year.
A list of services that might exist in a company like Spotify: Pricing, Audio, Ratings etc. One service is selected and the user can see extra information about it. For example, which system it is part of, who the owner is etc.

Improve production consistency

Use the built in scaffolder to create new services from templates which have your best practices built in.

Inconsistent environments slow development

Nobody wants obstacles on the path to production, but heterogeneous environments cause operational headaches and slow technology migrations.

Golden path to production

Encode your best practices in templates which service teams can use to create new services. This ensures that increasing production consistency is the path of least resistance.

Pre-loaded with the best plugins

Open-source plugins are supported by default. Push your own plugins if you need something bespoke.

Spotify Backstage, with benefits...

SaaS Backstage is simple to set up and maintenance free.

Quick and easy setup

Customize Backstage in a couple of clicks. Drag plugins to where you want them. Add new ones instantly.

All plugin formats supported

Roadie's drag and drop setup supports cards, tabs, sidebar links and full page plugins.

Install custom plugins

Building your own internal plugins? Publish them to our private repository and they appear where you need them.

Maintenance free

Roadie handles upgrades and security so you can stay focused on the work your team does best.

Automated upgrades

Open-source community power means that Backstage moves quickly. It's easy to fall behind if you don't put the work in. We do the upgrades so you don't have to.

Security patches delivered

We regularly patch vulnerabilities in the open-source code, ensuring you're using a hardened version of Backstage.
A progress bar and cog to indicate an upgrade in progress.

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