Loading Github Organization Teams

Published on March 19th, 2021


Roadie can load your organization team structure and employees from GitHub teams.

This page describes how to do that.


  • You must be using GitHub or Okta for sign-in
  • You will need a git repository for the configuration of Backstage.
  • You must install the Roadie GitHub app in your organisation with access to all repositories or The GitHub token configured in the backstage secrets must have the read:user and user:email scopes.


  1. If using Okta configure okta to return a field githubUsername in the ID token with profile scope & let the Roadie team know so we can configure your cluster.

  2. If the name of your organization was “acme”, you would create a file in the github repository called github-org.yaml with the following contents:

    apiVersion: backstage.io/v1alpha1
    kind: Location
      name: github-organizations
      description: Configuration to load data from github teams
      type: github-org
        - https://github.com/acme
  3. Next go to the catalog import page in backstage e.g. https://.roadie.so/catalog-import

  4. Enter the url to that file you created.

Confirming it worked

Within the next couple of minutes, you should see the org structure loaded into backstage.