Cortex Plugin

Published on February 28th, 2022


The Backstage Cortex plugin integrates with Cortex to sync your entities with Cortex and display reports.



You’ll need a Cortex account with an API token and the url of your Cortex backend.

Adding the plugin

Add the Cortex secrets

First, add the CORTEX_TOKEN and CORTEX_BACKEND_HOST_URL secrets via Administration -> Settings -> Secrets. Note you’ll need to wait for the secrets to be marked as “Available” before you can use the Cortex plugin.


Add the plugin to the UI

The cortex plugin provides three components which can be added to the Backstage UI. You must be a Backstage admin to add components to the UI.

The CortexScorecardWidget component can be added to component dashboards.

The EntityCortexContent component provides a tab which can be added to component layouts.

Finally, the CortexPage is a top level page which can be added to the sidebar